Welcome party in Százhalombatta on 12th August evening

Every groups hosted in Százhalombatta take part in the Welcome party in Halászcsárda. This time is a good opportunity to acquaintance with the member of the other group.

Official meeting of the directors and leaders

We are going to tell you the detailed program of the festival on the meeting at 13:00 on 13th August.

Folk Art Fair all day on 13-21st of August in Százhalombatta

During the festival there is a program called the “Street of vocation" where the different Hungarian and Transylvanian traders and the craftsmen arriving with the partaking groups practice their craft, and they trade.

You may bring some artifacts of your folk art to sell, if you want to. We recommend it to you, because people living here like to buy them as gifts or souvenirs.

Welcome to Hungary 10:30 at the theatre of Százhalombatta

At 10:30 on 13th of August before lunch there is a show of the Forrás Folkensemble from Százhalombatta on the stage of the Culture Centre. They are going to perform Hungarian dances. The main goal of this program is the foreign groups have an opportunity to get know about the country and its dances.

The interpreters, hosts, hostesses and the organisers of the festival are among the members of Forrás Folkensemble.

A 'picnic' on 13th August at 15:00

A friendly meeting for everybody. Each group will have a 10 minutes ‘introduction time’, during which one dance should be performed and certain parts of it possibly taught to the others.

We are planning this picnic to be informal and fun. You will not need costumes here. You will be able to meet the dancers of other countries and your hosts there.

After this picnic we are going to Budapest, we have a very good program for you: a short sightseeing, and the ‘Budapest by night’ program, a little trip by boat on Danube.

Trip to Budapest on 13th August in the afternoon

In the afternoon on the 13th of August there is a short trip to Budapest to the Citadella. From there you can have a beautiful view onto the city.

About the boat trip on 13th August in the evening

We travel to Budapest where we get on board of the biggest ship on the Danube. The bands of each ensemble give a 10 minutes mini concert than there is a disco during the journey. Arrival back to Budapest is around midnight.

Parade in Százhalombatta on 14th August in the afternoon

From the cultural centre to the place of the opening ceremony the groups walk playing music and possibly singing meanwhile. Make as much noise as you can!

Opening ceremony on 14th August at 19:00

In the morning there is a rehearsal for all dancers and musicians: this may last for 3 hours. (We are going to practice march in and the closing movements and dance of the ceremony.)

In the program each group has a 4-5 minutes show-time.

The opening and closing ceremonies are on an open-air stage (the size of which is 12 m × 14 m). The sounds and lights are very good.

Please choose your most spectacular and colourful dance for this one!

The order of your performance at the Opening ceremony:

The dancers are going on the stage while the announcer is telling a few sentences about your country and there is the background music of the festival going.

Your national anthem is played.

Your 4-5 minutes program.

At the end of the whole ceremony there is a common dance for all dancers on stage.

Ball of Nations on 15th August in Százhalombatta

For the groups with accomodation in Százhalombatta). One evening all groups gather together. After dinner the groups of Százhalombatta will teach dance 15 minutes performance. The audience will be the other countries and the habitants of Százhalombatta.

Performances out of town between 16-19th of August

Between 16th and 19th of August you will make 4 or 5 daily trips to Tárnok, Tököl, Ráckeve, Diósd, Budapest together with other ensembles. These towns are about 10-30 km away from Százhalombatta. You will perform a 25-30 minutes show there. Generally the performances start at 19:00. During the day you can go sightseeing or you will have free time.

Conditions of performances in other towns: there are open-air stages in these towns. At one place the stage is set up in a schoolyard, but success is guaranteed, because the audience is very enthusiastic here!

There might be a reception of the mayor and presenting gifts before the performances.

Ecumenical ceremony at church on 18th August

This program is on the 18th of August at 10:30. During your program you have to sing a religious song from your country and you have to bring a present for the priest. You should feel free to ask your musicians to play music while you sing.

This time all the participants of the festival will sing a song together, as we mentioned previously. You can find the notes of this song enclosed, please all the dancers learn it.

Dance Panorama Programs in Százhalombatta

This will be your national day in Százhalombatta. A big stage (technically well equipped) in the Culture Centre is provided for you. This day’s programs consists of the following:

„Who plays this?”

Special children program for 4-6 years old children. This program should be no longer, than 20 minutes. During the program you should teach your national games, and play with the children. You should introduce your instruments, your music. You do not need the whole group for this program, only 5-6 persons, and you do not have to wear your national costumes. This program is informal. Only a few minutes, with children.

World Music Tent

The program is outside, in a tent. It should be 20-25 minutes. The dancers teach dances for the audience with live music.

Dance Panorama on the stage

This program is on the theatre stage in the Cultural Centre. It should be no longer, than 25 minutes, and it should include only non-stop dances and not concert.

20th of August - our Constitution Day

This is going to be a hard day (but so far everybody has survived). In the afternoon and in the evening street parades and 5 minutes performances in Tököl and in Ráckeve, too.

Closing ceremony on 21st August at 19:00

Please perform maximum 4-5 minutes dance again but different from the Opening Ceremony.

Main reception of the festival

Reception with the mayor of Százhalombatta on 21st August at 17:00. Your group receives a present of our town. Please delegate group leaders and a couple dressed in costumes.

Farewell party on 21st August after closing ceremony

Farewell party of the Festival Director

The leaders, choreographers, musical leaders are invited from each group (2-3 people).

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